Posted at: 4:46 pm

I’ve been in London for about a month now and it has been like one very long vacation  But now I need to find something to do on the days, otherwise I will rot away. I was thinking about getting a gym card and work out as much as possible since I have so much free time. But to subscribe for the gym card I need to have an english bank account which I haven’t got yet. Tomorrow I have an appointment to get my national insurance number so after that I think I could be able to open a bank account? I am not sure how it works. Everything seems so complicated 

Oh, and yesterday I booked tickets to Sweden, I’ll be there the 17th to the 31th of December. I hope I’ll see you then! 

I am alive!

Posted at: 12:47 pm

Haven’t been able to post because guess what… No wifi! 😂 We finally got a temporary (shitty) one now, that’s better than nothing at least. So am I enjoying my new flat? YES! The pople I’m living with are awesome and I think I have improved my italian a bit 😏 Anyway, I’m very happy at the moment. Like VERY happy! Hope it lasts longer than this Wi-fi connection. 

Im going out for some shopping now. The joys! 😍

Last day.

Posted at: 11:51 am

This is my last day here in East Acton  Tomorrow I’ll be heading towards new adventures in St Johns Wood. I wonder what my new flatmates are gonna be like. I heard they’re all Italians so I’ll definitely practise my Italian with them 

I will probably spend this whole sunny Sunday packing. HOW FUN!

/Sandra Dee (Haha, apparently my new nickname here)