Busy busy. 

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Sorry for the lack of posts. I’ve just been dealing with my busy life here. Kidding. I don’t have a busy life. I’ve been the biggest slacker ever 😂😂 Although today I had a very long walk from St Johns Wood (where im moving next week) all the way to Marble Arch. Lovely.  



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Yeaaay. The meeting yesterday went very well!! It seems like I will be starting the internship at Disney in January and no one is more excited than me!! 😍 So embarrasing though, that I got the time of the meeting wrong. So we had like a 15 min meeting 😂 But the guys were really cool! Looking forward to it, very much. 

The Walt Disney Company.

Posted at: 12:01 pm

Yes, my meeting today is with The Walt Disney Company!   Did you figure that out?
I am very, very nervous since this is my first “professional” meeting here in London. I have no idea what the meeting will consist of but I think that they will tell me more about the internship. I will try to prepare myself like it’s going to be an interview (the ones who know me well know how much I hate interviews!)  but I have no idea how it works here  It was a while ago since I last went to an interview, and that one wasn’t in english. Anyway, this is a great opportunity and I need to make the best of it! Just keep your fingers crossed that I don’t make a completely fool of myself in there!  I’ll let you know further on how it went.

Time to do some research.


Fancy flat.

Posted at: 11:56 pm

The viewing today was great. I got to see one room in a very nice area (like super, super central) and in a completely new-built flat. Really awesome and quite expensive (but still affordable) and everybody tells me it’s a great price for that area, so I’m gonna take it! I will be moving in next week. Hello central London 

Got to get some sleep soon so I’ll be fit for fight at my meeting tomo 



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I’m having a pretty bad cold so I’ve been at home all day watching orange is the new black  But I have been a little productive as well. I’m about to finish my portfolio so I can show some of my work when I’m applying for jobs. Which I will be doing one of these days…. hehe.

My plan for tomorrow  is to go and view some properties. I have a contact who works in a rental agency so he is going to help me found a new place to live. I have to move out of here at the 23rd of September which is pretty soon. Oh, I don’t want to think about moving haha. And carrying my bags….. I hope someone can help me 

And on Tuesday is my meeting with TWDC. I really hope I feel better by then so I don’t cough or sneeze them in their faces. Hahah that would be horrible

Good night dear ones.