Posted at: 8:29 pm

Im tired AF right now. Been out the whole day walking my feet off. I have seen a whole lot of new things and I’m getting to know the city little better. Even though I’ve been to the city centre soo many times, I still get lost there at some points. And let’s not talk about the tube system…😖 But I will learn eventually I guess? It’s so weird being here not as a tourist. Well, thank god for GPS and the citymapper-app! 😀

I also went to check out “TWDC” where I’m having a meeting in two weeks 😍 Try to figure out what that stands for 😏

I guess I need to start watching Orange is the new black serie… Everybody talks about it here. Maybe I’ll give it a try.



Posted at: 1:25 am


It feels sooo good to finally be here!

But I have so much pain in my whole body though after carrying my bags-from-hell from the airport to the flat. One thing they need here is an elevator at some tube stations. SERIOUSLY. I almost fell down the stairs along with my bags, haha. But thank god this friendly guy helped me, it could have gone really bad 

Anyway, besides from that I just can’t complain. I couldn’t ask for a better welcome here at the place where I am going to stay. My flatmates are lovely and I already feel like I will be having a great time these three weeks. They are music students so I have been listening to some great stuff they have produced, chilling, talking a lot and just having a the best first evening in London.

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring. I have no plans yet.

Have a great night x