The excitement.

Posted at: 12:09 pm

Today I woke up by an interesting phone call about a very interesting job. So one hour later I had my very first skype-interview  The job seems so cool and I really, really want it! But it won’t be easy I guess. Probably a looong recruitment process etc etc. But I’m gonna keep my fingers crossed and hope for great news later today or tomorrow.

More about this later, when I get to know more 



Posted at: 7:05 pm

I’m counting the days for a lot of things right now. First thing is my parents that will be here for the weeken. I have to make up a great plan for what we are going to do and show them all the beauty of London 

Now I have to get ready to go to the pub with my flatmates. They have a Quiz there tonight, could be fun 

See ya.


Posted at: 10:27 pm

Soorry that I have been off! I really hope I haven’t lost you all dear readers 🙈 

Have had a really cool weekend with friends frome Sweden ❤️ Felt great to spend some time with them. Next weekend I will have my parents over. Ooh I miss them so much! 😢 So I’m looking forward to see them again. 

Now let’s end this Saturday in the best possible way:



Posted at: 12:07 pm

I just feel so happy at the moment.

* I will go to Sweden in less than 2 months.
* Mom and dad will be here next week.
* I’m going for another meeting with Disney on Thursday.
* It’s Halloween soon.
* + some other things than can’t be written here 😉 hehe…