New week.

Posted at: 10:47 pm

This weekend was… interesting. I’m not gonna get into details about it, but I experiences something I wish I will never experience again. However, I met some lovely people along with it.

So, this week I will start my new job. On Thursday. I am EXCITED! Not only because I got a job, but also because I will finally get a real life  I can’t wait!

I need to go to bed now to get used to the hours of a working human being! haha.

Night Xx


Posted at: 4:14 pm

Oh WOW! I can’t believe this is happening. After a literally KILLING process, I made it. I got the job!! I got the job I really wanted. All this effort has really payed off. And here I am now, jumping up and down of happiness. THE JOYS! Wow it’s so unbelievable. So from Thursday the 3rd of December I will be working with digital marketing. This is really life changing.

I can’t say it enough: THANK YOU for all the help and support 

This needs to be celebrated over one (or two, three maybe?) drinks. FUCK YEAH!!



Have a nice weekend!

Posted at: 12:44 pm

London is getting colder  But i shouldn’t complain, it is kinda cosy.

I had a job interview yesterday which apparently went very well because they wanted me for a second interview! On this second interview I have to do a presentation of a task that I got by email. It seems like a lot of fun but also quite complicated. But I’m gonna do my best to NAIL it! 

And tonight I’m going out with a Swedish girl that I got to know here. We are going to Shoreditch, and it’s about time I go and explore that place. I’ve heard it’s quite of a unique place so I have to go see that for myself.

I am actually counting the days to when I go visiting Sweden. It’s  27 days left until I will be with my family and friends again! Can’t wait for this little vacation 

Like being on a roller coaster.

Posted at: 10:00 pm

Soo, I heard it’s boring my blog is down! I’m happy to hear that people actually read this and are following me! Much love to youu 

As I said before I’m not inspired to blog at the moment but I will do my best.

I have been here in London for about two and a half month now and I have been through so much already. I knew that my life here wouldn’t be easy in the beginning and I have experienced that to the fullest. I have been disappointed over and over and felt a lot of anger and being low. BUT I have also experienced HAPPINESS and being the luckiest person in the world at some point as well. But as I said, I was well prepared for all of this. And I am here to stay. I am not going anywhere. If things get hard I will just fight back even harder.

I think this is one of those emotional posts…