Like being on a roller coaster.

Posted at: 10:00 pm

Soo, I heard it’s boring my blog is down! I’m happy to hear that people actually read this and are following me! Much love to youu 

As I said before I’m not inspired to blog at the moment but I will do my best.

I have been here in London for about two and a half month now and I have been through so much already. I knew that my life here wouldn’t be easy in the beginning and I have experienced that to the fullest. I have been disappointed over and over and felt a lot of anger and being low. BUT I have also experienced HAPPINESS and being the luckiest person in the world at some point as well. But as I said, I was well prepared for all of this. And I am here to stay. I am not going anywhere. If things get hard I will just fight back even harder.

I think this is one of those emotional posts…

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