Have a nice weekend!

Posted at: 12:44 pm

London is getting colder  But i shouldn’t complain, it is kinda cosy.

I had a job interview yesterday which apparently went very well because they wanted me for a second interview! On this second interview I have to do a presentation of a task that I got by email. It seems like a lot of fun but also quite complicated. But I’m gonna do my best to NAIL it! 

And tonight I’m going out with a Swedish girl that I got to know here. We are going to Shoreditch, and it’s about time I go and explore that place. I’ve heard it’s quite of a unique place so I have to go see that for myself.

I am actually counting the days to when I go visiting Sweden. It’s  27 days left until I will be with my family and friends again! Can’t wait for this little vacation 

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