Posted at: 9:59 pm

Yo Sweden!

Feels so weird to be back here after 4 months! 

We didn’t celebrate Christmas today, we’ll do it tomorrow. And then I will se my wonderful nephew and niece again! 😍 Can’t wait for cuddles. 

Haha, yesterday I got a little more drunk than what I planned to be 😳 But good thing M was there to help me out and noticed that we actually took the night bus the wrong way and ended up in Waterloo, which is not near where I live πŸ˜… My breakfast today consisted of doritos and pepsi. Yeah, I have a crush on doritos πŸ˜ŒπŸ‘Œ

What else… My week here in Sweden is going to be cray cray. I need to see everyone before I leave. So the calendar is anything but empty ☺️

Merry X-mas dear one. Hope it’s been wonderful. Xx

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