Happy holidays!

Posted at: 9:22 pm

So today was my last day at work. My head will soon explode after all I’ve learnt today 😂.

I went straight home to deeep clean the flat so that the others will come back to a shiny home. I’m such a great flatmate, I know 😌👏

Now I’m dying a little in my bed. It’s early still but I think I might go to bed soon anyway. Tomorrow I need to go and buy the last stuff and finish my packing. On Thursday I’m heading back to Stockholm. It’sthe second time that I will be flying on christmas eve. Last time was 2010 when I was going to Chile. It’s actually really cozy. Oh I can’t wait! And I also can’t wait to celebrate New Years here in London with my friends, my flatmates and all of their friends 😍 It’s going to be awesome. 



Posted at: 7:32 pm

The days are running away! Only 4 days left for me to go to Sweden and celebrate Christmas 😍 It’s been almost four months since I left Sweden and I can’t wait to get back and see my loved ones again ❤️ 

Have had a lovely/lazy weekend with lots of wine, doritos and nice food (cooked by me of course) and great company 😌

Next week I will only be working monday and tuesday, so I have one day off before I leave 👌

Time for dinner Xx


Posted at: 12:36 pm

It’s been a highly intense week for me at work. Lots of things to learn which is very exciting and I have already been given heavy responsibilities! 😌 The company is amazing and I am having so much fun with my colleagues. So yeah, I’m very, very happy. 

And also very, very hungover 😒 It will be a relaxing weekend for sure.  

Toodles Xx