Thank you. 

Posted at: 12:51 pm

I miss my ladies already 😭 They all left early this morning. I couldn’t possibly have had a better end of 2015 and start of 2016. This time has been absolutely MAGICAL. Those who were not here will never understand how crazy it has been 😍❤️ Big thanks to you ladies and to our other guests that made this holidays unforgettable ❤️

What I need to do now is to catch up on sleep because it’s been a serious lack of that 😂😴😴


Happy New Year!!

Posted at: 6:08 pm

I couldn’t have had a better new year’s celebration than yesterday with my LADIES! It started with some pre-party in the flat, mingling with all the guests and drinking lots of drinks. When everyone had left except us we started our private dancefloor and delivered epic dancing 👌 Around 11pm we went to Primrose hill to see the fireworks. We did a small “happy new swedish year” on the way since it was already 2016 in Sweden at that time. And yeah, Primrose hill really delivered! Not only a beautiful view of the fireworks but also lovely meetings and reeaally moddy shoes! We met a happy group of people who invited us to go party with them. We ended up in a nice house close to London Bridge with free alcohol and food! ✌️We really had the BEST time ever. An unforgettable night for sure!

Here are some random pics from our night. I let them speak for themselves:



I can’t wait for what 2016 will bring me, but it’s looking very bright at the moment, on all departments 😉😘