Posted at: 10:45 am

Yesterday I finally got a new tattoo. And the love is real. The tattooer did an amazing job, I’m very happy. Did it hurt? To be honest I was expecting waaay more pain. And the tattooer was impressed that I could actually lie still for the whole session (about 4 hours) without complaining. I guess it’s true that my level of pain is ridiculously high? 

Anyway, this is the result:


I’m definitely going back there to get my sleeve done! 😌


Happy girl. 

Posted at: 5:42 pm

Yeaay I’ll finally be getting some ink done! On Saturday it’s happening! So happy. I’m not going to reveal what I will get, you’ll see once it’s done. 

The last few days has been amazing btw ☺️ Really enjoying life atm 🤗

Now: Sleeeeep. Was a lack of that last night. But I’m not complaining!

Good morning people!

Posted at: 11:31 am

Another weekend has passed already, but yet it is not over  🙂 So what’s on the agenda for today? Well I need to get out of bed first which is easier said than done since my bed is quite comfy  Tomorrow at work we will have an international food day where everyone brings food from their countries. I will bring swedish meatballs (very surprising) so I need to start frying them soon before I forget. In the afternoon I will be taken to the cinema. First time here in London! Very exciting 🙂 We are going to watch Zoolander 2. I haven’t watched the first one but I watched the trailer for this one and apparently Justin Bieber is in it, so I can definitely watch it! 

Also, I am planning on getting some ink soon. Have been very inspired lately and I’m aiming on getting something done next weekend  We’ll see how that goes.

If I could wish for something today, it would be that it doesn’t start raining 

Cheers xx


Posted at: 7:50 pm

My first birthday in London was 👌👍👍! It could not have been better (except for some crying bits 🙈). Ate a lot of cake at work and had too much to drink afterwards, but hey, it was totally worth it. Had some great company as well. A birthday to remember for sure ☺️

As I am too hungover to function I will go straight to bed now 😴💤