Posted at: 8:23 pm

It’s no lie that I am addicted to tattoos. Today I went to the shop again to add a piece to my sleeve  Will go back next Friday again and do some more. Once my under arm is done we need to start thinking about what the rest of the sleeve will include. I have some ideas and the tattooer is AMAZING so I have no doubts this will me great 

Now I’m just gonna enjoy this looong weekend 

Take care. Xxxxx


Posted at: 3:35 pm

I always appreciate the weekends. And this will be a good one. Tonight im going to a party at my fellow scandi’s place! 🇳🇴 Can’t wait to drink my wine and just be happy, I really need that. 🍷🍷🍷

What I also really need is to get out of bed and start getting some shit done, like buying alcohol etc ☺️🎉

Have a nice Saturday, and don’t drink as much as I am going to! 😄 Xxx


Posted at: 9:39 pm

Right. I have a blog. And I can post whatever I want here (I tend to forget). 

To give you an honest update, things have been a bit tricky atm. But I am really trying to keep my spirit up. It hasn’t always been easy but thanks to all the support I get, it makes it more managable. I’m so happy for that 🔥🔥

Looking forward to the weekend. So much.