6 months.

Posted at: 8:20 am

Half a year. I’ve been living in London half a year!! It’s sick. I feel like I just moved here. Time needs to slow down 😩

I was thinking about writing a six months review, but I am way to lazy for that. But admit that I have been pretty good on updating the blog during this time? I thought the blog would be dead after the first month to be honest.

Sitting on the plane waiting for departure. I love this. 



Posted at: 7:39 pm

It’s been two insanely crazy couple of weeks, in the worst possible ways to be honest, and I just can’t wait for my mini vacation to Sweden tomorrow. Veeery much needed. I will get a lot of things done in three days and by that I mean seing all my beloved ones that I need to see 😌. Again, can’t wait!

My flight is at 8am from Stansted and I guess I’m going to leave home around 4am? Or is that to late? Maybe 3am then. However what I’m concerned about is whether I should sleep or not 🤔 I reckon I will sleep a lot on the bus and plane. 

Anyway. Now I’m going to watch (and probably finish) my new favourite series, “Younger”. See it!

Xx ❤️