Now here’s an update.

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Feels like my life is just passing by and nothing is being documented here. Therefore I decided to give you a big ass summary of what has happened:

As you already know, I had to leave the beloved flat. Now I am living in a house 4 minutes away from the old flat, so still same area which is OK, but I fucking miss it 🙁 I am not too happy where I’m living now to be honest BUT me and my Spanish friends are going to look for something new as soon as the contract here ends, which will be in 3 months. Anyway.

About a month ago I quit my job… Yes that’s right. I quit the job that I said that I loved so much. I guess you can call it a lie or something like that. I just realised that wasn’t really what I wanted to do, I somehow felt very misplaced. So I though the right thing to do here was to quit. But I’m still keeping in touch with my lovely ex colleagues
So now I am job hunting like crazy for the type of job that I want. My goal is to work within web/graphic design. It is not going too bad for me at the moment but it is also not going very, very well. I just need to be patient. However I had an interview today at the Financial Times that I think went alright, so fingers crossed now that I make it to the second round!

And what about my love life? I am actually laughing right now. I am soo unlucky when it comes to this  I guess I need to start doing what everyone keeps telling me – stop looking, being independent and let it happen naturally. We’ll see how that goes.
But it just sucks when you meet someone great but at the completely wrong time  Unlucky, unlucky.

It felt good writing down all this shit. I really need to do this more often. But I don’t even know if I have any readers left?

Ouh, I just checked. Seems like I have 2 little followers. THANK YOU! 😀

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