My perspective. 

Posted at: 10:44 pm

I just feel that I need to write about something that really annoys me. I’m using Tinder a lot (and some other online dating services, yes) and I find it very surprising that some guys somehow reacts on the fact that I am the one starting the conversation by writing to them first and not the other way around. Why? Who turned it into such a big deal that a girl takes the initiative? I really don’t get it and I think it’s completely stupid to be honest 😅 I just wrote to some guy and he responded that it was so cool that I wrote to him first. Cool? 😂Haha, come on. 

I never follow the “norms” of how to act when it comes to dating etc in general. I hate that. “Don’t answer him to quickly”, “don’t be too nice”, “you have to play hard to get” blablabla. 🖕 that! I ain’t playing anything 😌

I know other people think differently about this though 🙂

Goodnight xx