My preciouuss

Posted at: 6:31 pm

My precious phone is finally back again after being on service. It had a little accident at the christmas party 🙈 Been using a shitty old iPhone meanwhile and it drove me crazy! I promise to never drop you again!! Because I can’t be without you 😢 

Haha, so dramatic. It’s just a phone!


I think I have a new favourite dish apart from sushi. Halloumi stroganoff! Best thing ever. If you haven’t tried it you definitely should 👌


Running out of series?

Posted at: 12:38 pm

If you’re running out of series to watch, below are some exciting must-watch-series of my choice:

Secrets and lies:


Black Mirror:


Go on, watch them!


Posted at: 12:44 pm

Found this cute little book at my friends house. Very inspirational!

Another inspirational thing are my colleagues. Had a fun night out after drinking champagne at the office until 11pm 😏😂

Makita was there of course 😍🐶

Thanks a lot for this unforgettable night!