Posted at: 5:49 pm

My spanish friends in London once (no, not once… like 100 times!) told me the importance of being a strong and independent woman. I try to always carry that in my mind. Although, it tends to slip away too often 😂. The other day I got this picture from one of them as a reminder:  

“With or without partner, you should be a free woman, always.”


Celebration 2

Posted at: 9:49 am

My second celebration was awesome too. We went to a persian restaurant first and ate some nice food and then we went to the best place for games (Ugglan). Board games, air hockey and ping pong was on the menu 👌🏼 Ater that we visited a few more bars and too much alcohol was consumed. Exactly the way it should be! Thank you gals 😍

Now we’re trying to decide what to eat. I always vote for pizza 🍕👍