So much happiness!

Posted at: 7:04 pm

WOW! I just got some shocking news but it made me very, very happy as well  Unfortunately I can’t tell you what it is about, maybe you will found out one day, maybe you won’t  All I can say is that this news kind of made me wish I could stay here in Sweden… but there is no turning back now as the ticket is already booked  BUT YEAH. Just a whole lot of happiness here 

Take care until you hear from me again.

Some random thoughts…

Posted at: 11:58 am

Time flies and things are getting even more real every day. But it wont get completely real until I have my ticket booked and there is no turning back! I can’t believe that I will actually achieve one huge dream of mine. And to be honest, I’m not only very happy about this, I am also kind of terrified  Terrified that I wont make it out there!!… But then I realize that’s actually a silly thought. But then I also keep thinking about all the lovely people here in Sweden that I’m going to miss so awfully much  THANK GOD that there are cheap flight tickets to London! I hope I will see every one of you there eventually 

You see, there is a mix between  and  in my head right now. But I can deal with it, no problem.

Huge thank to my friends and family for the help and support 

Now I need to get the design of this blog done so that I can publish it for you to read! 

Hello there!

Posted at: 4:59 pm

I suppose you already know what this blog is going to be all about? Yes that’s right. I’m going to be telling you everything (yes really, everything) about my journey; both before and during my stay in London. At this moment I haven’t completely decided when I’m leaving but it will be in September for sure. I’m aiming at the beginning of September 

I hope you will be following me through this, it would make me very happy and I will do my best not to bore you too much 🙂

P.S 1 this blog will be written in english and only in english.
P.S 2 this blog will only exist for as long as I have the will and time to keep it alive, hopefully for a veeery long time 

So stay tuned!