At last!

Posted at: 11:07 am

Wohoo it seems like our holiday is saved! After a hella lot of drama though 😂 If everything from now on goes as it’s supposed to, we will be traveling to Marmaris early tomorrow morning! I can’t wait!!! We will be flying directly there so no need to go through Istanbul or Ankara which i great! Let’s hope that we won’t encounter any more obstacles now…
Marmaris 2011 – when me and T were brave enough to try flyfish. 



Posted at: 9:31 pm

Can’t wait to go to Marmaris and spend the hot days by the pool and the hot nights out on the street. Last time I went was in 2013 I think, so it was a while ago. But I reckon everything is going to be the same, the way we love it! 

mms1 mms2

Gonna be chillin by the pool like that, although a bit more covered in tattoos