Some positivity

Posted at: 9:45 pm

Wow, I feel a little bit relieved today. If everything goes as planned I’ll have a room to rent for my first three weeks in London.  Awesome!  Now there’s the job thing left to figure out…. I guess I’ll have to spend some time this weekend applying for jobs. Hopefully I’ll have one already before I leave, but I think that’s a little too much to hope for 


Night time post.

Posted at: 12:25 am

Hello everyone! I hope you are doing allright.

I am very anxious at the moment and have started to worry too much about almost everything. Having too many thoughts about things that could go wrong. It is driving me nuts and I even started to cry at one point 😭. But don’t worry, I’m allright. Just realizing what a huge deal this is for me and with only three weeks left and still not knowing where I am going to stay in London, it’s getting a bit stressful.

I need to calm down and sleep if i’m gonna be able to get out of bed tomorrow and go to work.

Good night dear ones.